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Please find included links to the the new volunteer system we are implementing at Redlands for 2022!

If there is a position that you are interested in, please complete the application form and send to info@redlandshockey.com.au as soon as possible.


Redlands volunteer pass program offers members an opportunity to reduce their 2022 fees by volunteering.  The program will provide rewards to our volunteers, and put simply, all registered members will pay the Volunteer Pass levy at the beginning of the season, and if you volunteer, you will receive a reward payment based on the type of volunteer work you undertake, at the season’s conclusion. 

THE Volunteer Pass Levy fee for 2022 is $100 per family registration. (This fee will not apply to casual junior programs such as hookedin2hockey or casual player members).  The reduction in fees (reward) is determined by what position you take on – there are some considerable savings!  The $ (dollar) values and positions available can be found on the “Volunteer Position Overview” on our website. 

To apply for a position, please complete the “General Volunteer Application Form”. Your Volunteer Pass reward will be applied to your fee account after you have completed the position description. If your fees have already been paid, your reward can be deposited to your nominated bank account or left in credit to use throughout the next season.  


Please forward your completed form via email:   info@redlandshockey.com.au

In addition to the Volunteer positions available, members are also able to apply to work 10 hours as either a tech official, OR first aid officer, OR in either the RHA canteen, OR bar during the season for reimbursement of the $100 volunteer pass levy fee. Please note applicants must be over 14 years of age to work in the canteen, and bar staff must be over 18 years of age, preferably hold a current RSA licence and be approved by the RHA Bar-Coordinator.

Information session about best nutrition for best performance.
Presented by Alex from Eat Smart Nutrition
Wednesday 18th May 6pm. This is targeted to our u18 and u13 rep players,but open to all members.
Round 5 of Competitions
Henry Ziegenfusz Park (HZ) ~ F1 - F6
Morgan Mathison & Ruby Harris from the BLAZE are BACK!!! We will be running another FREE turf session at easts on 22nd May from 8.45am - 10am, particularly aimed at our rep players but open to all J2 and J1 Juniors. Please RSVP to info@redlandshockey.com.au by 16th May.
·4 weeks training
·Saturdays May 28th, June 4th, 18th and 25th
·9:00-9:30am - J2 anyone doing GK duties
·9:30-10:15am J1 GK's - and those wanting to learn from J1
·Training near shed
·Kickers and pads are required for each GK
·Please advise who, in your team, will be participating in the training ASAP to
info@redlandshockey.com.au or your coach/manager.
Round 6 of Competitions
Henry Ziegenfusz Park (HZ) ~ F1 - F6
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