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Last updated 16 Oct 2023
HZP Field 1Closed
HZP Field 2Closed
HZP Field 3Closed
HZP Field 4Closed
HZP Field 5Open
HZP Field 6Open


  1. April 2024

    1. Sun 14

      Redlands Men's Turf Team - REDCLIFFE HOCKEY CENTRE

      12:00 PM
    2. Sun 14

      Redlands Women's Turf Team - STATE HOCKEY CENTRE

      12:00 PM
    3. Fri 19

      Women's Masters State Championships - MARYBOROUGH

    4. Sat 20

      ROUND 2 - Saturday Hockey

    5. Sat 20

      Women's Masters State Championships - MARYBOROUGH

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Board Decisions

The RHA board meets at regular intervals to discuss the operations of the association. From time to time decisions are made that effect all the members of the association.
See below the decisions that the board has made.

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