Redlands Hockey Association
HZP Field 1Last updated 29 Aug 2023ClosedField 1 is closest to Fitzroy Street, closest to Club Sheds.
HZP Field 2Last updated 16 Oct 2023ClosedField 2 is in front of the cricket nets.
HZP Field 3Last updated 16 Oct 2023ClosedField 3 is directly in front of the canteen.
HZP Field 4Last updated 29 Aug 2023ClosedField 4 is past the No 1 cricket pitch.
HZP Field 5Last updated 29 Aug 2023OpenField 5; back ground under lights, through trees left hand field.
HZP Field 6Last updated 29 Aug 2023OpenField 6; back ground under lights, through trees closest to cricket nets.