Sport and Recreation - Greater Brisbane Area Update

Queensland Return to Play—restrictions for sport, recreation, and fitness organisations

Queensland’s plan for 80% vaccination and beyond outlines the restrictions for Queensland public health and social measures linked to vaccination status.

Complying with the restrictions


Indoor sport

  • Vaccinated and unvaccinated persons are permitted at indoor venues, including indoor swimming pools.
  • Compliance with the COVID Safe Checklist.
  • Occupant density and physical distancing measures do not apply to the field of play/activity space.
  • It is not possible to observe physical distancing while undertaking activity however attendees must observe physical distancing off the field of play, to the extent possible.
  • The total number of people permitted to attend an indoor venues is to be based on occupant density of one person per two square metres.
  • There are some aspects of the active industry whereby vaccination is a requirement of entry, for example:
    • hospitality venues such as cafés, clubs, restaurants and bars that form a part of indoor sport centres, community halls and clubhouses.
    • Please note an unvaccinated person is permitted to enter to purchase takeaway and utilise amenities if a patron at the facility.
    • Private hire is permitted allowing unvaccinated people to enter however occupant density limits apply. Paid staff and volunteers working in this area are required to be vaccinated.

Outdoor sport

  • Vaccinated and unvaccinated persons are permitted to attend and participate.
  • Outdoor based organisations are not considered a restricted business, activity or undertaking. Therefore, organisations are not required to comply with the COVID Checklist.
  • It is not possible for contact sports to observe physical distancing while undertaking activity, however physical distancing should be observed at all other times, where possible.
  • Whilst not mandatory, it's best practice to continue to clean frequently touched surfaces and shared equipment.
  • Indoor spaces associated with outdoor venues such as clubhouses are required to follow occupant density requirements of one person per two square metres.

Easing Queensland Restrictions

From: SR_Covid19 []
Sent: Tuesday, 12 January 2021 1:07 PM
Subject: Sport and Recreation - Greater Brisbane Area Update

Dear stakeholders

Further to my e-mail yesterday, we have received further clarity regarding the easing of restrictions for the Greater Brisbane Area, specifically around the use of face masks and businesses and venues.  

Firstly, the Roadmap to Easing Queensland Restrictions, effective from 6pm Monday 11th January 2021 until 22 January 2021 is now available on the website along with the Restrictions for Impacted Areas Direction (No. 2).

Please note further detail regarding restrictions specific to the sport, recreation, and fitness industries:

1.       Face masks

  • Individuals must carry a face mask at all times
  • Individuals must wear a face mask covering their mouth and nose at all times, including:
    • When in indoor spaces
    • Entering, exiting or inside Major Sports Stadiums, unless the person is seated
    • On public transport or in commercial passenger vehicles
  • Individuals are required to wear a mask outdoors when it is not possible to physically distance
  • However, the requirements to wear a face mask do not apply:

o   To a person engaged in strenuous physical exercise


Example – exercise in or above the aerobic zone including high-intensity interval training, cycling, running or team sport.

Please note, a person who removes their face mask must resume wearing the face mask as soon as practicable after the circumstance ends.

For more information regarding the wearing and use of face masks please visit the following website.

2.       Businesses and Venues

·         Reduction in occupant density requirements:

o   one person per 4 square metres indoors

§  venues with a floor space less than 200 square metres can have one person per 2 square metres, up to 50 people at a time

o   one person per 2 square metres outdoors

·         Dining-in permitted however patrons must be seated whilst eating and drinking


It is now more important than ever that your organisation continues to comply with the measures detailed in the COVID Safe Plan for your activity. Please note, that for the duration of the restrictions for Greater Brisbane, where a COVID Safe Plan refers to a requirement that is different to a requirement in the Restrictions of Impacted Areas Direction (the Direction), the requirement in the Direction will take precedence over the Industry Plan. I would encourage you to review the Direction to ensure compliance with the new restrictions.

Restrictions regarding events remain consistent with the advice previously provided. However, if your organisation has any upcoming events including attendees from the Greater Brisbane area, it is important to note that the restrictions within an individual’s control (e.g. wearing a face mask) still apply even if they leave or have left the Greater Brisbane area.

As always, if you have any questions regarding the above information, please do not hesitate to contact the team at

Kind regards

Assistant Director-General

Sport and Recreation  
Department of Tourism, Innovation and Sport



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