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With all Australians being urged to #StayAtHome during the coronavirus outbreak, Hockey Australia (HA) is producing a series of daily unique hockey video content aimed at helping you and your family keep healthy, active, engaged and entertained.


Redlands Hockey's Footy Tipping Competition

Want to join Redlands Hockey's Footy Tipping Competition, where you can challenge yourself, team mates, coaches, umpires and anyone else involved in our association.

It's a combined Super Rugby, AFL and NRL, so we're not playing favorites.  

FootyTips Competition Link  ( )


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Coastal Dental Care

Coastal dental  Care

Round 8 - Henry Ziegenfusz Park.
School Cluster Day
Co-ordinator - Arthur Hanley - Ormiston State School
Round 9 - Henry Ziegenfusz Park.
Round 10 - Henry Ziegenfusz Park.
Round 11 - Henry Ziegenfusz Park.
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